Luke Brown Development


My style, skillset and history

Being a full stack developer means I develop and design all aspects of your website. I have a keen eye for design and a creative approach to development - which gives me an edge over other developers who may be limited to purely frontend or backend coders. I enjoy learning new web-related technology and with all my years of experience, I know exactly how to make a website that is mobile-responsive, fast and pops.

My History


June 2017 - Present

Joined to work with ground breaking tech, making the front end dashboards that hook into blockchain, such as OpenCSD. For companies like Ofi and Computshare, and the company intranet web system.

Element Softworks

March 2015 - Present

Setup and run to offer a professional and all in one solution for small-medium businesses looking to improve their online presence. I manage a team of developers and designers.

Hot Brass Media

Feb 2015 - Present

Created with my American business partner to offer websites and online systems to firearms and social media businesses in the states. Clients such as GunsDaily and Blackwolf Inc.

Playtech PLC

Sept 2015 - June 2017

With my two years at the FTSE 250 company, I produced a number of virtual sports system for clients such as PaddyPower, BetFair, Ladbrokes, and most notably v1/v2, country wide retail solution for Coral.


April 2012 - March 2015

After several years of growing my hosting company, and eventually selling the 500+ strong client base, gave me time to become a self taught web dev and I worked for many of my previous clients.

My skillset


Also experience with: Express, NPM

My current go to server side programming language. It's an extremely flexible and scalable language, and also how I power most of my websites that I make since 2016.


Also experience with: CSS3, SASS

After taking in designs, I would use HTML/SCSS to make a responsive and light-weight styling structure. I build all of my design off of the Bootstrap 3 grid system.


Also experience with: REST, JSON, XML

Transferring and interacting data from APIs is important. Recently I have enjoy using SocketCluster with Node, but never forgetting standard web APIs.


Also experience with: Wordpress, PDO

From 2012 until 2017, PHP was the backbone of 95% my projects using the LAMP stack. For all the stick PHP gets, it's has always been a reliable server side language for me.


Also experience with: Firebase, MongoDB

Databases are key in most websites, and my standard approach is MySQL, especially in the LAMP stack. More recently I've gone with NoSQL DBs like Firebase.


Also experience with: ES6, jQuery, Angular4

JS is what powers the front end magic on websites, I usually work with jQuery or if required... plain JavaScript. I also have experience with Google's Angular 2(4).

My Dev Style


Stage 1

I sit down with you and we work out your current situation and what you're looking for. I then go away and return with a set of your project requirements. Once agreed, I will begin designing your website.


Stage 2

After showing you the design prototypes and with a few iterations, once you're happy and sign off - I will begin coding your website in the appropriate languages chosen for your project.


Stage 3

At each code milestone I upload my code to a private GitHub repo, where you can review if needed. You'll also get a dev link to play with and feedback to me your thoughts.


Stage 4

Once the project is a complete and in a feature full state. It will then be deployed onto a server of your choice, or if no preference, my favourite a CentOS Digital Ocean droplet VPS.


Stage 5

At this point, I will usually control your DNS, and your domain will now be hooked up to the live site. Firewalls, DDoS protection and HTTPS is deployed as well through the CloudFlare network.