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My rates and timescales

Because I know how frustrating and off-putting it can be not to see a simple price or delivery date without enquiring. So I try my best to list my rates and timescales as accurately as possible. But as with every service (as opposed to a product), it's never easy just to set a fixed price. If you've got a project that you think I might be right for me then get in touch with me and I'll be happy to give you a quote.


Hourly Rate


Day Rate

Standard Packages

Small First Website

  • Between 1-10 pages
  • Detailed analytics and SEO
  • Great for start-ups or individuals
  • Responsive, mobile first design
  • Completely custom high resolution site
  • Usually includes a contact page

Small Business Website

  • Between 10-20 pages
  • Best for around 1-100 users
  • Great for small businesses
  • Includes a login and admin system
  • Can includes a eCommerce system

Medium Business Website

  • For heavy traffic site
  • For businesses with 100+ users
  • Great for existing successful businesses
  • Best for eCommerce/dashboard systems
  • DDoS protection as standard

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