Luke J Brown

CEO at Element Softworks Ltd // CTO at Skipper My Boat Inc.

Since 2012 I have had a passion for development and digital creativity. After several years of freelancing work I setup my company, Element Softworks Ltd to grow a group of highly-talented specialists to form a reliable full-service creative agency for small to medium businesses in the UK and the USA.

We pride ourselves on building bespoke, responsive and innovative solutions for clients in all industries. To learn more please view our brochure. If you're interested in hiring me or my team then we charge £300-£400 per day per person. We specialise in React.Js, Node.js, No SQL architecture.

In the most recent years I have joined Skipper My Boat as the CTO to build a peer-to-peer global yacht rental platform, as well as setting up a SaaS company called Merlin Panel to empower businesses to control their online presence all in one place.