Luke Brown Development

Well Hi There

Welcome to my humble little development corner on the Internet, Here hopefully you will find interesting and useful documentations for issues that I have overcome and other cool concepts and ideas that I have found across the Internet. Along with my full portfolio from the last three years you will also have the opportunity to request tutorials that will appear on the site and begin talks for contracting me as a freelancer in your project.

Begin in 2012 with the successful launch of my gaming hosting company, Galactic Servers I have jumping into the web development community, and to date I am continuing to expand my knowledge and understanding of web technology and languages. Any project, big or small, whatever the challenge may be, I am up for it.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you about your project and if you ever have any question shoot me an email at [email protected]. Let's make your project rock!

My Languages & Skills

PHP Beautiful Backend Systems
HTML Intuitive Front End Structuring
CSS Custom Styled Applications
JS Client Side Magic & Animaitions
Java Bukkit Plugins & More
Linux Server Management
Xcode iOS & iPhone Development
MySQL Database Management
Extensions Google Chrome Extensions
C++ Windows Applications

Who am I?

I am a developer on overdrive. Business entrepreneur who looks for the best in every situation, while I'm currently working full time for a multi-national software development company I am also striving to grow a business with my contacts from around the world. Working professionally and to any specification, if you've got a web project that need's doing then my multiple years of experience and past work should defiantly reassure you that your project is going to be a success.

After going to military boarding school, I left and setup my own business in the UK, fast forwards a few months and I travelled across America with a bunch of companies that I became close with and they showed me the time of my life. Now in a penthouse apartment and reasonable poor internet, I'm just getting started. With the hope of expanding my experiences and enjoyment of life, I'm going to continue travelling and meeting new people in amazing places. So what are you waiting for, let's get started.