Luke Brown Development

A collection of my finest work

Dated from latest projects going back in time, you will see a refined list of my works that I have been hired as contracted or freelance work over the last few years. For a full list of my projects and references that you may need to get a complete perspective on me and my skill level then feel free to contact me and I will happily provide you with them. I look forward to working with you, big or small, anything is achievable.

Nuuke.comMay 2015 to Present

Nuuke is where most of my time in 2015 has been spent. Nuuke is a complex system that makes advertising over social media easier. As a business owner with a brand it can be difficult to find the right method to advertise your project. You can search through the secure website to find a vendor that you are happy with and setup a marketing plan that suites you, pay your vendor and review them once you are happy with the outcome.

I was contracted over a number of months to developer both the client and the vendor dashboards which include bookings, payments, messaging, analytics, reports, invoices, account management and many more features that are heavily hooked into the Instagram and PayPal APIs along with the private API I built to maintain the multiple systems that run on

TinyLink.coMay 2015

website is the easiest way to quickly shorten links on an easy to use site. A project built by myself and inspired by discussions inside my company, Element Softworks. We made it possible to make links intelligent for businesses. With plans to add customs domains to give your users a truly unique and branded experience you now finally have access to power your links through our analytic center and link statistics available by signing up for a plan.

March 2015

A seriously beautiful website built over a number of months, that I was revoked access to after my work was completed. :(

February 2015

This site was produce for a local graphic designer in Essex with a rich purple theme across the site.


AK Services
May 2015

Modern website design for a local septic tank cleaning company in Suffolk.

Element SoftworksMarch 2015


Following the recent success of been a full timed self employed web developer. On the 12th March 2015 I registered Element Softworks as a private limited company to help form a team of developers and designers who could work separately on project, but act together as a collective to strengthen and skills and knowledge.

As of the summer of 2015, we have multiple projects on the go by different members of the team which will be released onto the Android, iOS and web markets in the near future to help make your lives simpler. Oh, and I developed the website.


KLPoleStudioJanuary 2015

KLPoleStudios is a pole dancing website based in Essex built at the end of 2014 and finished at the start of 2015 to supplement a new brand update of the whole company. The dark theme and use of teal green contrast well together along with professionally shot images of the staff there bring an overall professional standard to the site.

Craft Gasm
January 2015

A website concept hired to produce, but never used for the CraftGasm team, finished at the start of the year.


Pixel Prison
January 2015

A beautiful site co-collaboration and even featured on the Enjin site of the month article.


Gillian Allard
May 2015

An extreme minimalist online portfolio for a local photographer in my area. with a backend dashboard

Galactic ServersOctober 2012 to Present

Control Panel

Started in 2012, Galactic Servers brings a completely new experience to Minecraft hosting by providing a custom and clean way to manage servers. With a complete billing and server management panel create and ran by myself and my team, Galactic Servers really is the best solution trusted by thousands to host their servers and networks.

NirvanaMCSeptember 2014 to Present


I was contacted to produce work for a client take a database information made by a team of Java developers for in-game banning and infraction tracking. My job was to make the an simple and clean tracking system that allowed any user to go onto the clients website and enter in a multitude of information. This involves general search applying across every column, advanced search that works in sync with any other search field that would narrow results if matches were found in that column.

The whole page was completed and tested efficiently, once the product was released I then was contacted to add features such as a drop down menu to limit results by the latest time and a column system to track recent offenders. All of which had to responsive using AJAX page loading.

August 2014

Website concept idea for a Minecraft network. This site is available for sale at discounted price.

MC Skin Viewer
August 2014

Another open-source project with over 3,500 daily people using this simple site/extension.

Syclone Studios
August 2014

A small development firm contracted me to created the the main site plus a bespoke management system.

BooketSeptember 2014

Booket is a simple and flexible booking solution, based heavily to emphasizes extreme ease of use with a simple uncluttered interface. While working with Booket community I have developed their fully bespoke system to connect business owners and clients together in an easy and stress free environment.

Chroma HillsOctober 2013 to November 2014

Chrome Extension

I was hired in 2013 to join the Chroma Hills teams as the system administrator for their upcoming gaming network. Through my time there I have set up and kept a number of servers online and running whilst providing constant maintenance on security, back end productions and web related products. Chroma Hills has over one million downloads of the resource pack and a following of over 100,000 people.

My visible work that the public can views is the main website that constantly been updated to have a full login, forum and stat tracking system that works hand in hand with the network itself. From that other projects like a Google Chrome extension, billing software and management solutions have became a successful production.

June 2014

A gaming community contacted me to build a dark animated website that comes to life with movement, built on the Enjin framework.

July 2014

A minimalistic stylish site designed for a small gaming community build around the Enjin framework also with JavaScript integration.

The Fancy Gamer
July 2014

A colorful site for a YouTuber with a statics from the YouTube API and an AJAX chatroom.

The Minereach NetworkApril 2011 to February 2015

Minereach was the first network where I started as systems admin and later purchased the rights of ownership to the business. As the network grew with a community of over 20,000 months players we continued to expand through advertising and offering custom minigames to beat the competition. I eventually developer the website with integrated statistics into the server website and provided management of 50 servers that we maintained.

I closed Minereach in February 2015 to focus on full time web development. With over 1 million players that enjoyed our content, it was a pleasure owning a community of that size and it will be missed.

ParadiseMCJune 2014 to Present

Another company that got involved in by been hired as the systems administrator. As the network expanded into a solid average player base of 300 players, I became responsible for managing and distributing the flow of players to the content shared between over 10 individual servers.

I then moved onto the website development once things were up and running to produce a bold site that had easy to read artwork and titles which stood out on a colorful site. The final site was completed around the Enjin website and server framework for gaming communities.

Link Shortener
July 2015


My first fully open-source project developed for the community as it benefited me greatly so I decided to share.

February 2014

A portfolio site for a Java developer to show his talents and provide a place to document his work.

March 2014

This website provides a icon style navigation to allow community members to access their content for a Minecraft server.

What's Next?

If you're satisfied enough to begin talking with me then please feel free to contact me. Then we can begin discussing how I can help improve your business portfolio and page retention by designing a site that works across all devices, and is distributed on a global system so you website and domain is always available and a click at a button.